One Minute Tip - What Will You learn Today?

Photoshop Wednesdays

hosted by John Chambers

The One Minute Tips' - Photoshop Wednesdays is a collection of short Videocasted tips created especially for Adobe Photoshop Users. Each week the show will cover tips, tricks and tools found in Adobes Award winning digital imaging application.

Questions or comments can be sent to: or leave a Skype Voicemail at oneminutetip

Always worksafe and family friendly!
Hope you enjoy the Videos.

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In the podcasting model, the publisher publishes a list of programs in a special format, known as a “feed”, on the web. A user who wants to see or hear the podcast subscribes to the feed in special “podcatching” software (a type of aggregator), which periodically checks the feed and automatically downloads new programs as they become available. Typically, the podcatching software also transfers the program to a desktop or portable media player.

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A Video Version:
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One Minute Tip - What Will You learn Today?