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John W Chambers

Instructor, Author and Puppeteer.

For over the last 30 years I have been a full-time instructor at Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California. I have taught a wide range of classes. From Hypercard and Director (the early years) to advance DVD interface development and just about everything in between. Some of my writings include "Inside Macromedia Director with Lingo for Macintosh" and "Inside Macromedia Director with Lingo for Windows" (New Riders Publishing) I have worked on projects for Apple Computer, Adobe systems, Disney, Mazda, Volvo, City of Hope and the Six Flags corporation. Some of these projects included training seminars, automobile console simulations, product simulations and interactive multimedia presentations for DVD, CD and Web applications.

Wedged between the above projects and career, I'm also a professional puppeteer (I kid you not) I average about 250 performances a year, many of these performed in different cities around the globe. I have been at this "second career" for almost 50 years and at this point in time, would very difficult to pick one career over another. But life is all about enjoying what you do. As I always tell my students. I hope that when you graduate and begin your career, you can have half as much fun as I do "everyday"

One Minute Tip
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Favorite quote:
I'm not a pack-rat.... I'm a curator.


The One Minute Tip

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The One Minute Tip is a collection of short Podcasted technology tips, interviews, quickstarts and videos for people who don't have time to read manuals cover to cover.

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